You Can Heal Anything


 First, Watch This Video to Learn how Spiritual Healing Works, and if its right for you!









Want me to help you heal on a deep cellular level and experience inner peace, higher consciousness and spiritual awakening?

Apply below!


You came with a plan, a path, and a destiny and it is my honor to offer the space to help you find your light!


Your answers are within. 


If you need a guide to help you comb through what is coming up in your life, you are in the right place.


This deep spiritual healing experience will 

vibrate you open!




Deep Spiritual Healing

Will help you get into alignment so your stress turns into gratitude, your fight turns into surrender and you begin to bring this positive frequency everywhere you go.




  • Feel connected and understood
  • Heal the insecurities that have held you back
  • Discover your true self
  • Understand where your feelings are coming from and how to process them
  • Feel more comfortable in social situations
  • Unlock genuine happiness and an uplifted inner state 
  • Transform your traumas and stressors


Your Problems are the Road Map

This course is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space to AWAKEN and transform at a deeper level than you have gone before. We use all your problems as the road map to guide us into the root wound. Once we find and unwind that energy, you get to step into your inner freedom!


We will Heal Your:  


⫸  Overactive stress response with one simple technique

⫸  Traumas that block your flow of positive energy

⫸  Chattering mind + bring it into balance

⫸  Inner child issues and create a safety, trust and inner peace


In just 6 weeks, we will Awaken a whole new world within you.



2 Levels of Healing 

6 Weeks of Transformation
Choose your option below 👇🏻


Heal Independently


Top features

  •  6 weeks of Training (pre-recorded lessons, healing sessions + integration work unlocked each week - lifetime access)

  •  45 days of Online Support + Questions answered from Sophie in the course

  •  7 Spiritual Healing Guided Sessions (Downloadable) - showing you how to do this spiritual healing work each week

  •  1 Surprise Bonus Lesson!!


Heal with Me


Private Sessions

  •  6 Private Spiritual Coaching + Healing Sessions with Sophie (1 hour each)

  •  6 weeks of Training (pre-recorded lessons, healing sessions + integration work unlocked each week - lifetime access)

  •  45 days of VOXER + Online Support from Sophie

  •  7 Spiritual Healing Guided Sessions (Downloadable) - 

  •  2 Surprise Bonus Lessons!!

  • $25 Crystal Credit





Watch What Happened

Their takeaways, the game changers and what has changed! 


Get Ready to:

✔️ Release toxic memories

✔️ Gain clarity on moving forward

✔️ Feel empowered

✔️ Tap into your Inner support

✔️ Feel happier with who you really are

✔️ Stop worrying, Start manifesting

✔️ Trust your higher self

So You Can:

✨ Develop healthier relationships

✨ Experience more energy

✨ Meet Your most Sacred Self

✨ Feel Self-Love like never before

✨ Access Your own Wisdom

✨ Feel safe deep within

✨ Trust your own path



Watch How Rebecca

Turned her reactions into responses and her relationships completely transformed.


Check out How Debra

Overcame her travel anxiety completely and fully.


Look How Adya

Changed her brain chemistry

 You are Right on Time

You may be waiting for something to happen or end, but it is important to know that you are right on time for your journey. Not late not early, right on time.

There is a reason you have landed on this page and are reading these words.

Think about it: You can enroll today and make that quantum leap towards your hearts calling happen…or you could wait until you're finally ready, which may never surface.

Making quantum leaps requires courage and getting out of your comfort zone.

Remember, you have this Divine opportunity to access to your soul's expansion right now!



Start Your Deep Spiritual Healing👇🏻


I'm Ready

Hello Love!

Sophie here, founder of Awaken Collective. 

I just wanted to share that when I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: help others heal what is holding them back and spiritually awaken.

I went through every book, website, and program I could find–with hopes I’d learn how to embody THIS type of spirituality. Instead, I spent years battling numerous trial and error mistakes. I thought, why isn't ALL of this information just in ONE place?

And that is why I created Awaken Your Soul's Magic, so people like you can easily understand the steps that they need to take to heal what is blocking them and properly learn how to actually raise their vibration.

Instead of having to pull bits and pieces of valuable information from an infinite amount of places, with this Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, and interactive course…

You’ll learn to love yourself unconditionally, create a life-long spiritual tool box, implement healthy boundaries, and learn the laws of the Universe to manifest your dream life!


I totally recommend this course, it is just an awesome journey to better understand yourself and how you can really just love yourself and love others and be the best version of yourself. It truly felt like every session and every week of the work we were doing was so meant for me to help evolve. It was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed in that moment to help me get to the next level and I’m so grateful to be on the journey of Sophie’s courses and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it.


I’m still in awe of how much I connected to myself through this course. I feel like I’m back home, I’m just in a different stance. I’ve had tough moments during this whole course, and I’ve had really amazing moments. I’ve let go of a lot of this control I had and I just have surrendered and I’m able to observe my life in a way that before would trigger me or I would judge and criticize, and now I just let it be. Going through all these tools, I’ve been able to just be and that’s an amazing feeling.


At just one week into this program, as I was doing Sophie’s Inner Child meditation, I met another part of myself.  My masculine self that exists within me in spirit - my ‘other-half’ or ‘soul-mate’ and felt so comforted that he is always with me, filling the void within that I have tried to fill with those outside of myself.  I now feel more whole, more complete, and I am not searching or needing something outside of myself to fulfill me.  I have all that I need, and it is always with me.


What is Waiting For You!

Our healing process will help you deal with all the gunk that is blocking your light. When you really work through your past mental and emotional programs, release past energetic debris, and transform false beliefs you will get:

​✔️ Mindset Shifts: You will have multiple mindset shifts where you begin to really understand that things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.

​✔️ Energy Boosts: You will begin to gain more energy, better responses, and clearer thinking.


​✔️ Massive-Growth: Your self-love, self-acceptance, will begin to open in ways you never thought was possible. 


​✔️ Self-Healing: You will learn ways to really forgive your past, present and future. 


✔️ Freedom: A new inner freedom will be unlocked where you truly believe that you can heal what comes your way, because you now have the insight and tools to face your life in a positive way. 



Start Now

Shift Deeply

This spiritual healing work will shift you deeply. 

Internal conflicts will begin to fade.

Old negative energy will lift.

And your soul's truth will surface.

I will guide you beyond where you have gone before.

This is my soul work, and why I am here.