For Massive Expansion?

Here is your opportunity to dive DEEPER into your spiritual awakening, get clarity on moving forward, develop healthier relationships, feel more empowered, and experience more energy!


Are you ready to finally feel safe, truly love yourself and walk up the vibrational scale so that you can manifest your dream life?


These are the kind of changes that come from taking a leap. You are reading these words right now, because something within you wants more, and knows you can have it.


So let's just start by taking a reflective moment to see all the growth you’ve had, battles you’ve overcome, and all the work you have put in to be where you are right now! 


Maybe you are even saying to yourself, "I have come so far, yet I still have so far to go. How am I going to get there?"


Well, Awaken Your Soul's Magic Mentorship to the rescue!




This is your opportunity to rise on a soul level! 


If you have been trying all the typical self-help approaches that everyone else talks about, and they just don't get you to where you want to be...


You are not alone.


If you feel like you want to take your life to the next level, but feel like you are looking for the light switch in a dark room?


I've got you! This is all normal.


Most people don't actually teach you HOW to embody the change I will show you.


They just talk about it.


I will actually SHOW you how to deeply shift + transform.



The Mentorship Experience

Listen to these womens stories on their takeaways, the game changers and what has changed in their life with this mentorship.


I am inviting you to step into our transformative spiritual awakening experience that

will vibrate you open!​

Where you can finally become the woman you were meant to be, and drop all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long! 
Together, I will take you on a new path and show you a whole new world within you.



This kind of alignment + expansion comes from taking the leap

➳ You are not here to just mildly get through your life.
➳ You have a soul purpose and unique impact that you came here to make.
➳ You are here to lead with love, to rise on a soul level, and to work out your karma.



I want to teach you how:

⫸ To navigate your spiritual awakening
⫸ Activate embedded codes living within you
⫸ Impact those in your world in your own unique way






Awaken Your Soul's Magic Mentorship

6 Month Private Mentorship

Your Investment $5,111 → will...


⫸ Empower you beyond your wildest dreams

⫸ Heal + unblock your past traumas

⫸ Overcome your codependency + people pleasing tendencies

⫸ Effectively manage your daily energy with healthy boundaries 

⫸ Connect to your higher consciousness

⫸ Feel energized by your soul alignment

⫸ Turn you into a daily Meditator

⫸ Activate your Manifestor Consciousness


Get ready to: 

★ Heal your inner child, unlock trauma, and decompress your stress patterns

★ Understand your etherial cords that connect us all, how to cut toxic cords, clear clogged cords, and change your relationships forever

★ Step fully into a loving relationship with yourself

★ Move beyond self-care, self-love and fully activate the deepest love, soul love

★ Raise your vibration and become more purposeful

★ Use our custom frameworks to bring you into 5D and heal false beliefs

★ Engage in over 25 activities to keep your vibe high

★ Embody these exercises that will make you feel more confident



✓ 6 Private Sessions with Sophie over Zoom

✓ 21 weeks of Transformational Content that will show you HOW to change

✓ 12 Online Voxer Coaching Discussions with Sophie

✓ 21 Spiritual Healing Sessions that show you how to embody all this inner healing work (Downloadable)





12 Month Private Mentorship

Contact Us for Pricing


⫸ Includes everything above AND...

⫸ 24 Private Sessions with Sophie over Zoom

⫸ 12 Months of Transformational Content that will change your world!

⫸ 24 Online Voxer Coaching Discussions with Sophie

⫸ 32 Spiritual Healing Sessions that show you how to embody all this inner healing work (Downloadable)


Get Ready to:

✔️ Release toxic memories

✔️ Gain clarity on moving forward

✔️ Feel empowered

✔️ Tap into your Inner support

✔️ Feel happier with who you really are

✔️ Stop worrying, Start manifesting

✔️ Trust your higher self

So You Can:

✨ Develop healthier relationships

✨ Experience more energy

✨ Meet Your most Sacred Self

✨ Feel Self-Love like never before

✨ Access Your own Wisdom

✨ Feel safe deep within

✨ Trust your own path


"It truly felt like every lesson + session each week was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed. I evolved. I  went to the next level. I’m so grateful to be on this spiritual journey with Sophie’s guidance and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it."

It's so easy to...


➾ Stay where you’re at and allow your rational mind and your ego to tell you that you don’t need this growth



Your ego doesn’t want to change. True growth happens outside your comfort zone. Your growth, your quantum leaps, your evolution happen in:

⫸ Discomfort:  when we do scary things 

⫸ The Unknown: when we say YES to what is calling us 



If you just want to live in comfort then you are not going to expand, which means you will just stay where you are.



If you keep choosing to live in the known, what’s comfortable, what feels safe, you are going to continue getting the same results.



I want to help you change the frequency for the rest of your entire life!



In order to move forward, you have to really choose expansion.


You have to really commit to YOU!


Check out Rebecca's 


She turned her reactions into responses and her relationships completely transformed.




If you’ve been feeling this constant calling in your soul to learn more and truly heal, but you…


→ Just don’t know where to start or what to do first with your Spiritual Awakening

→ Feel unsure of how to handle all the blocks that seem to keep popping up on your path

→ Want stop worrying, caring about what people think, and become happier with your life


Here’s your prime opportunity to step into your true self and transform within!



Work with Sophie

This Mentorship will provide the opportunity for you to..


  • Go DEEP in your own spiritual healing with 21 weeks of how to actually change (to dive DEEPER into your spiritual awakening, get clarity on moving forward, develop healthier relationships, feel more empowered, and experience more energy!)


  • Participate in Divinely Guided meditations and high vibrational experiences (that will help you take this knowledge past your brain and into a living embodiment)


  • Move through our Spiritual Healing Curriculum that will help you Heal your inner child, cut energetic cords, re-route the way energy runs through your heart, embody soul love, learn about the Laws of the Universe and how to Truly Manifest Your Dream life with our signature 12 step process 


And, really, that’s just a small glimpse of the experience...



"I feel like I’m back home, but in a different zone. I’ve had challenging moments during this whole experience, and through this mentorship was able to turn them into amazing growth opportunities. I let go of control, learned to surrender and am able to observe my life in a whole new way. What used to trigger me before, I now can see without judgement and criticizism, and just move into healing. Learning these tools has transformed my life, I am now able to just be and that’s an amazing feeling."

Hello Love!

Sophie here, founder of Awaken Collective. 

I just wanted to share that when I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: help others heal what is holding them back and spiritually awaken.

I went through every book, website, and program I could find–with hopes I’d learn how to embody THIS type of spirituality. Instead, I spent years battling numerous trial and error mistakes. I thought, why isn't ALL of this information just in ONE place?

And that is why I created Awaken Your Soul's Magic, so people like you can easily understand the steps that they need to take to heal what is blocking them and properly learn how to actually raise their vibration.

Instead of having to pull bits and pieces of valuable information from an infinite amount of places, with this Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, and interactive course…

You’ll learn to love yourself unconditionally, create a life-long spiritual tool box, implement healthy boundaries, and learn the laws of the Universe to manifest your dream life!



Look at Adya's Biggest Shift

And how she changed her brain chemistry!




Check out Georgie...

And what was unlocked in her very first week

At just one week into this program, I met a part of myself; My masculine self that exists within me in spirit - my ‘other-half’ or ‘soul-mate’ and felt so comforted that he is always with me, filling the void within that I have tried to fill with those outside of myself.  I now feel more whole, more complete, and I am not searching or needing something outside of myself to fulfill me.  I have all that I need, and it is always with me.


It’s time

to make your decision.



Think about it: You can start today and make that quantum leap towards your hearts calling…or you could just wait. The choice is yours.


If you are ready to rise on a soul level and discover your inner greatness, I invite you to Awaken your soul's magic with me!



I'm Ready



Check out how Debra Healed

And transformed her travel anxiety for good


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What is Waiting For You!

 Our healing process will help you deal with all the gunk that is blocking your light. When you really work through your past mental and emotional programs, release past energetic debris, and transform false beliefs you will get:

​✔️ Complete Mindset Shifts: You will have continuous mindset shifts where you begin to really understand that things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.

​✔️ Energy Boost: You will begin to gain more energy, better responses, and clearer thinking.


​✔️ Self-Growth: Your self-love, self-acceptance, will begin to open in ways you never thought was possible. 


​✔️ Healing: You will learn ways to really forgive your past, present and future. 


✔️ Freedom: A new inner freedom will be unlocked where you truly believe that you can heal what comes your way, because you now have the insight and tools to face your life in a positive way. 

I teach real Transformation

I don't teach surface level breakthrough. The work that I do is deep. We find the hidden wounds and remove them from all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to reprogram you with aligned truth. We have deep conversations. I will push you beyond where you have gone. I teach you how to open your heart and keep it open. This is my soul work, and why I am here. If you are ready to do the deep spiritual healing work then join us in Awaken Your Soul's Magic Today!