Cord Work


Energetic cords attach to us through all sorts of interactions.  Some can be healthy, and offer positive energy, while others can be toxic and send negative energy.


Energetic Respect

Most people are not aware of the need for energetic boundaries.

So many people walk right into your world and do whatever they want energetically.

This is similar to someone just walking through your front door without permission, popping in through the back door without knocking, hopping your fence and hanging on your lawn, or even coming in through your windows.

We would never act like this is real life, but there is just not a lot of energetic respect in our current consciousness.



But that can change with YOU!

⫸ Cord work has taught me how to have energetic awareness

⫸ How to respectfully connect to others

⫸ How to intentionally use the energy I send to others

⫸ How to notice what others are sending out

⫸ and How to build these energetic locks on my door, fences and windows, so people cannot just do whatever they want with my energy!



We can have control over our energetics!

It all starts with cord work and once you learn how to:

➳ clear your cords
➳ cut toxic cords
➳ alter cords to family members
➳ untangle confusing relationship cords


You will have a clarity so clear it feels like a spiritual shower! 




What cord work will do...


⫸ Clear Your energetic cords daily so you feel more fresh and calm energy

⫸ Cut toxic cords and finally clear pain from the past

⫸ Heal your relationships that weigh you down (they probably have tangled cords) 

⫸ Change the way you run your energy running through your cords

⫸ Move you into Heart Centered Consciousness to positively energize all the decisions you need to make from here on out

⫸ Do a heart activation and completely change how others plug into you

 Embody a new way of moving energy from you - to others 


You Can Start Today!


$777 $555

6 Weeks of Transformation


Clearing Your Cords for clean energy

⫸ Cutting Toxic Cords to people who drain you

⫸ Altering Your Cords to reboot relationships that are here to stay 

⫸ Untangling Your Cords to difficult situations + people

⫸ Understanding the Chambers of Your Heart to reset how people plug into you

⫸  Activating Your Heart Chambers - an energetic activation + advanced upgrade


This Journey Includes

✓ 6 weeks of content (a pre-recorded lesson, healing session and integration unlocked weekly)

✓ 45 days of Online Support + Questions answered from Sophie

✓ 6 Spiritual Healing Guided Sessions (Downloads) - showing you how to do this spiritual healing work each week

✓ 1 Bonus Lesson





Moving into Heart Centered Consciousness


In this Spiritual Healing Experience we also do an advanced activation called the Chambers of the Heart where we take an energetic inventory and re-route all your energy so people can only plug into the heart.


WILD EXPERIENCE:  After the chamber exercise, I was able to tell when someone plugged into my body. It was wild, my body would actually twitch and I would go within and find energy that was not supposed to be there.

✨ We will change how people plug into you energetically for the rest of your life.

✨ This is such an important redirection to be done at this time as we are moving into Heart centered Consciousness and many are rising out of 3D and into 5D.




Doing cord work is very much like installing

a security system in your house!






Are Your Ready To:


⪢ Feel more free and clear in your own energy

⪢ Enhances your ability to trust

⪢ Creates better boundaries between you and others

⪢ Boosts your energetic power 

⪢ Opens the channel of your intuition

⪢ Changes your relationships 

⪢ Moves energy in your body (health issues may shift/ change) 

⪢ Transforms mindsets 

⪢ Come into alignment with who you really are

⪢ Energetic Clarity




Shift Deeply

This spiritual healing work will shift you deeply. 


Internal conflicts will begin to fade.


Old negative energy will lift.


And your soul's truth will surface.

I will guide you beyond where you have gone before.

This is my soul work, and why I am here.