What is Spiritual Healing? 

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The First lesson

 will teach you about:


  • The 1st, 2nd, + 3rd phase of your spiritual awakening

  • What old patterns + habits surface in you during your awakening and what to do with them

  • The 7 different layers of healing

  • Why NOW is the time to transcend limiting beliefs that are keeping you looping in fear

If You Want to:


✔️ Understand your spiritual awakening and what to do about all the changes it is bringing

✔️ See how spiritual healing work can help you heal a relationship pattern with a parent, child or spouse

✔️ Feel more energy by the end of the day

✔️ Learn to trust yourself or others

✔️ Know why your ears are ringing (and no I am not talking about tinitus)


Then this lesson is a must watch!​

I will help you understand your spiritual awakening and give you a roadmap on how to handle all the changes. You can watch instantly by filling out the form!


What is Spiritual Healing? 

Watch Instantly 👇🏻

Hi, I'm Sophie Frabotta


I teach ambitious women + men to AWAKEN their soul's magic through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation! They call me the SOUL whisperer because my work opens up a channel in you that sounds like a whisper, and long after you have completed your work with me - you can still hear it!

I will shine a light onto your path by offering a space of spiritual healing to help YOU to clear your blocks and activate your soul alignment.

Together, we will unlock your unique answers and get you energetically aligned so that you can create the life you want to live now!


All my life I have been waiting for someone to show me the way. It's like AWAKEN hit me in the face (well my screen) and Sophie led me to and through the deepest healing. Every morning, I now find myself loving life, counting my blessings, feeling all the beauty on Earth, and feeling the love in my heart.


Sophie, I can't say it enough... Thank you for being the vibrant you and for bringing to light this beautiful space for all of us to flourish and assist others on their spiritual path.


I could not have dreamed of a better teacher. Sophie, you have been so inspirational, supportive, dedicated to us all evolving and finding our own unique gifts. I feel you opened the space for me to really dive in deep and also ok for me to breathe out! My heart and thanks goes to you always.