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 Our Certification Includes:



Our Certification will ignite your spiritual practice and connect you to the higher frequencies that are waiting to come through you!


You will go through your own healing first, find your hidden wounds and remove them through all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

I will help you expand beyond where you have gone, show you how to open your heart and then step into the role of being a spiritual coach with an authentic template to serve your clients from post graduation, because YOU have done the inner work.



 Our Students

 Our Students✨



This healing journey brought so much transformation to myself and those around me. I ended toxic cycles for myself, which has allowed me to see who I am now and loving her unconditionally. I learned how to protect my energy, work my light and be the healer I have always dreamed of becoming. My wishes are being fulfilled and that would not have all happened if it weren't for this course. 

Hello Love!

Sophie here, founder of Awaken collective. 

When I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: help other women on their spiritual journeys. 

I went through every book, website, and program I could find–with hopes I’d learn how to embody THIS type of spirituality.

Instead, I spent years battling numerous trial and error mistakes.

Why couldn’t ALL of this information be found in ONE place?

That’s why I created The Spiritual Life Coach Certification, so women like you can connect the mission in your heart to the vision in your head by using this proven spiritual action plan!

Instead of having to pull bits and pieces of valuable information from an infinite amount of places, with this Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, and interactive class…

You’ll gain your coaching identity, needed skills, breakthrough tools, and immense confidence to start your journey as a spiritual life coach (and avoid taking the wrong turns I took).​


Sister, I’ll tell you what: ALL OF ME HAS WOKEN UP! I know that finding this program was absolutely divinely guided. Learning the tools (specifically, the custom guided meditations created by Sophie) was the crucial element to FINDING myself, my soul-voice, a space of TRUST and my Loving Faith. I have been guided and know now HOW to guide others. Thank you, Sophie!




This has been an amazing experience, so full, so deep, so expansive in many ways. I loved the retreat at the beginning of our course. I appreciated the opportunity to go back into the areas of my heart that were still unresolved.




Starting with retreat week, I had a life changing experience. From there, I connected to who I’m truly meant to be, and what I desire for my life. I’ve gained clarity for the direction I want to go. I released + reprogrammed traumas and stuck energy. I now feel empowered, my life has become more peaceful, and I am filled with love.



Signing up for this program may have been one of the first things I've ever REALLY done for myself.  This was my time to explore who I am, where I've been, what I want for my future, and SO MUCH MORE.  It helped me to evolve and to create my own inner space for introspection.  This is the epitome of self-care and healing. And if you have concerns about not having enough time, fitting into the cohort, or making this kind of investment; I learned in this program that all those concerns stemmed from not knowing how to truly love myself or freely give to myself, it was just my ego's resistance trying to prevent me from looking inward and doing the work.

Divine timing brought you to this exact moment for a reason. Take the leap, it will all work out, and trust that Spirit is with you, guiding you to your highest good.


In just one week, seven days, 168 hours, Retreat week blew my mind! I have opened my heart to the Divine and am now shining my inner light so brightly onto others. Retreat Week got me to focus on healing my inner being and getting to know who I am. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to heal and get to know yourself at a soul level. Sophie is an amazing coach, and does a fantastic job at listening, insight and guidance.


When we started the virtual retreat, I really didn’t know what to expect and was concerned that I might not get the full effect being virtual. Pretty immediately after we all ‘met’, I could feel myself soften by the smiling faces on Zoom. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


The exercises, meditations, and sacred space allowed me to dig deeper to finding what was holding me back from fully embracing my soul and spiritual mission. I enjoyed all of the reading material and it helped me build the foundation for launching my business, from the guided imagery education, the coaching principles, using and creating my life visions, and finally understanding my fear of the spiritual side of business creation (bio, identifying clientele, services offered, etc.). The 4 R's method was a game changer for me around self-worth and abundance that was directly affecting my beliefs around my spiritual business.