Get all the answers about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach and more! 

 I Invite You into...

this session to get all the answers about Spiritual Life Coaching that you may have been wondering about. I will show you how to give every client an ✨ exceptional experience✨

Spiritual Life Coaching is different from just your typical Life Coaching. As Spiritual Coaches, we use a hybrid approach of healing and creation to help you move into your soul alignment and design the life you truly want to live.

Join me, Sophie, in this quick session to answer the most popular questions around Spiritual Life Coaching.


The Questions we Answer:​

  1. What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

  2. How would you explain Spiritual Life Coaching?

  3. How do you share messages that are coming through from Spirit to not come off as your opinion, judgement or your own point of view?

  4. How do you become more confident in stepping into becoming a coach?

  5. How do you offer support to friends without getting taken advantage of?

  6. How do you talk about fees and get paid for what some people may expect from me for free?

  7. Should you have two Instagram’s - one for business and one for personal?

  8. Do you as a coach give your opinion?

  9. What is a coaching session made up of?

  10. What is possible for me if I dedicate myself to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach?

If you want to:

  • Feel more confident as a coach
  • Understand how to create healthy boundaries between you and your clients (or potential clients)
  • Know the best way to talk about money and payment with your prospective clients
  • How to best conduct a Spiritual Life Coaching Session

Then this workshop is a must watch!​ 

In under 20 minutes, I will share with you unique answers to these questions.

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Hi, I'm Sophie Frabotta


I teach ambitious women + men to AWAKEN their soul's magic through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation!  I believe we are in the great Awakening, and it is times like these where we need to each listen to our individual purpose more than ever. If you have been feeling the nudge to help others, build a spiritual business, and fulfill your heart's calling - then here is your chance! I will shine a light into your soul by offering you the space of deep healing and help YOU to define your soul's purpose by activating the most powerful healer within, YOU! Get to know me here.

What Other's Are Saying


If you are considering taking this course, it is 100% worth the investment and your life will be changed forever! Not only do you get to heal yourself, but you get to share that healing with the rest of the world and help your future clients go through the same process. It is a safe container for healing and you form a special bond with your fellow cohorts who are on the same journey.


I could not have dreamed of a better teacher. Sophie, you have been so inspirational, supportive, dedicated to us all evolving and finding our own unique gifts. The course was challenging and the information was new and dynamic. I feel you opened the space for me  to really dive in deep and yet also made it ok for us to breathe out! My heart and thanks goes to you today and always.


My soul has found it's voice! Sophie's custom guided meditations in the Spiritual Life Coach Certification were invaluable to FINDING myself, my soul-voice, and allowing me the ability to truly VISION into my future. I learned to lean into a space of TRUST that the Universe is holding and guiding me. I have been guided and know now HOW to guide others. Thank you, Sophie!