Awaken Your 13 Chakras?

This Chakra Immersion Experience + Retreat will bring your 7 energy centers into alignment so your energy harmonizes. This will help you better connect with Source and run pure energy through your entire chakra system to run as one powerful energy stream. 

We will then activate your 5 higher chakras at our one-day in-person luxury retreat!

The 1-Day Chakra Retreat

Quantum Leaps . Magical Vibrations . Soul Tribe Connections


Join Us

For this 8 week Spiritual Immersion where you will  open up and activate your 13 chakras!

This experience includes 3 bonus workshops, and a 1-Day in person retreat to meet + activate your 5 higher chakras.

When you tap into your own inner resources,

you remember that you are the medicine that you need. 

Full Experience


13 Chakras Activated


  • 13 Chakras Activated

  • 1 Day In Person Retreat at Awaken includes: 6 content packed sessions, breakout sessions, chakra balancing, 5D vibrational rising

  • 8 Hours of Prerecorded Chakra Workshops

  • 8 Weeks of Transformational Content covering 1 chakra per week, lesson, activity + chakra healing session

  • 12 Total Healing Downloadable Sessions (unlocked weekly)

  • Sound Healing Activation Download

  • 3 Bonus Workshops

  • 2 Months of digital feedback on your weekly coursework from Sophie

  • 2 Months of Voxer support from Sophie

  • Magically Crafted Crystal Bracelet with 13 chakras stones (not sold apart from this course)



 Get into Alignment with Us


Get Ready to:

✨Balance your 7 chakras in your body

✨Move your into 5D Consciousness with meditations 

✨Ground your energy through your Earth star + get your soma + sub chakras activated 

So You Can:

✨ Operate as one activated and aligned energy system

✨Raise Your Vibration through your chakras

✨Get in tune with your light body

Since you are here...

On this page, considering if this is right for you: It is.

You’ve been waiting on a sign or the ‘perfect’ time to take your next spiritual step, and here it is, landing in your lap!

As you know by now, nothing that you come across on your journey is there by mistake. 


If you’ve been feeling this constant calling in your soul to lgnite your spiritual awareness and connection to Source, but you…


→ Just don’t know where to start or what to do first with your Spiritual Awakening

→ Feel unsure of how to handle all the blocks that seem to keep popping up on your path

→ Want to experience major healing upgrades, but don't know how


Here’s your prime opportunity to step into your chakra healing!





At the start of this program I took my chakra assessment and my root chakra was - 62 prior to the start of this course.  It is now +12, and the biggest change in all my chakras, although all my chakras increased in vitality.  I focused on healing this chakra through guided meditation, sound healing, reiki, and releasing trapped emotional energy.  I felt very insecure and unsafe in my life, people pleasing, worried about what others thought.  I now feel much more grounded and standing on a firmer foundation of myself.  I am even preparing to walk away from the most secure thing I know – my day job.  Next up, standing in my power.


All of my chakras are now open. My first chakra test showed only my throat was open and my root, sacral and naval were under-active while my heart, third eye and crown were over-active. This just amazes me as I the questions have not changed but I am confident where I stand with my answers and I think the first time I really did not have definitive answers and now I do. Confidence was something that I hoped to gain from this process. I see it here. I am happy my heart is no longer over-active but just open.

Hello Love!

Sophie here, founder of Awaken Collective. 

I just wanted to share that when I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: help others heal what is holding them back and spiritually awaken.

I went through every book, website, and program I could find–with hopes I’d learn how to embody THIS type of spirituality. Instead, I spent years battling numerous trial and error mistakes. I thought, why isn't ALL of this information just in ONE place?

And that is why I created this chakra healing, so people like you can easily understand the steps that they need to take to heal what is blocking them and properly learn how to actually raise their vibration.

Instead of having to pull bits and pieces of valuable information from an infinite amount of places, with this Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, and interactive course…

You’ll learn to Activate + Awaken your 13 Chakras!

Don't just take my word for it...

Check out their beautiful experiences!

It’s time

to make your decision.


Regardless of where you are on your path right now, I believe that you are being prepared to step into your highest calling.


Enroll for Awaken Your 13 Chakras Here👇🏻


I'm Ready

I teach real Transformation

I don't teach surface level breakthrough. The work that I do is deep. We find the hidden wounds and remove them from all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to reprogram you with aligned truth. We have deep conversations. I will push you beyond where you want to go. I teach you how to open your heart and keep it open. This is my soul work, and why I am here. If you are ready to do the deep spiritual healing work then join us for Awaken Your 13 Chakras!