Spiritual Rituals

These are the parent-led spiritual rituals that will change everything for you and your household! First, it’s good to know that you can never force your kids into spiritual connection - you always lead by example. 

When you embody the emotional balance and connection that a conscious based practice like this provides, a very interesting thing happens for your children - they want to become it too. 

There is something so natural and beautiful when this happens...


This whole experience will show you how to deepen your spiritual relationship not only within yourself, but with your kids as well. It will create more intentional teaching & learning moments as you walk through lessons that build the foundation of emotional awareness and spiritual connection!

These lessons will provide a lifetime of important skills (which may not be a focal point in their traditional schooling) but we can help you fill that gap and create a whole new type of connection at home!



This Ritual Experience Includes:

  • Our 6 Most Popular Rituals - we breakdown how to do these rituals step by step
  • Ritual Prep Worksheet - a guided process designed to help you better understand your child's emotional state before you do these rituals
  • Healing Meditations - The "White Light Cleanse" is a powerful meditation that helps you set up your very own White Light beam
  • 6 Spiritual Techniques - to get your energy aligned as a parent first so you can begin to lead by example
  • Rainbow Breathing by Claire - a 5 minute guided KIDS meditation recorded by Claire on our favorite technique called rainbow breathing  (this is the only place you can find her meditation!)



It's Your Time to Create Positive Energy at Home:

Spiritual parenting is not about your child changing their behavior -  it’s about you changing yours. Being a conscious parent is really another form of inner child work and developing a deeper understanding of your fears, then regulating yourself before you repeat ingrained patterns.

This is what leads you into deeper connection, having emotional balance, and  transforming negative energy at home. So at the end of the day, you feel satisfied with the parent that you are. This course will help YOU become a better, more aware parent.

Bottom line is you need to become what you want to teach, and this course will open you up to a super easy path to follow to do just that. And we will show you how to have your kids ASK YOU to teach them what you are doing! 


Here's our Favorite Rituals that we cover in this experience ⤵


Imagine Your World: 

✨ Where you can understand + teach your child how to use their feelings as a guidance system to help them navigate life!

✨ Feeling so connected emotionally and spiritually that you guide your kids with confidence through a difficult moment and back into their own positive energy.

✨ Being so connected to your own spirituality that your kids come to you asking for YOU to show them these very rituals! 



These SPIRITUAL RITUALS will take you through a step-by-step process to methodically understand your own connection with Spirit first, so you can confidently guide your little ones when needed.


Everyone has the right to feel emotionally balanced and spiritually safe, and it is you that can show them this world. 


I invite you to join us!






Is this is a live session?

No, this is a course where you can go through the lessons at your own pace.  After you register, you will get a link to enter the course.


At what age can I begin these Rituals with my child?

You can start spiritual and emotional connection at age 4 (typically). However, you know your kid the best and if you feel called to share this with your kids who are younger or older - I encourage you to follow your inner nudge.

$111.00 USD