$2,777.00 USD

Akashic Healing Experience

If you are ready to deeply heal and change your frequency on a cellular level, this is the path for you. 

I will take you on a journey into the Akashic Records to heal the spaces that are blocking your wholeness and show you how to heal on the deepest level.

  • 8 Private Healing Sessions with Sophie

  • 8 Week private Akashic Companion Course

  • Akashic Records Weekly Prep work + homework

  • Guidance to locate your false beliefs for each session

  • Recorded Healings to accelerate your healing outside your sessions

  • Worksheets + checkins to asses + gauge your healing process

  • 2 Voxer days - 9am - 7pm, you chose the day and we chat all day

  • Powerful step-by-step healing support to rewrite contracts in the records

  • Practical tools on how to go beyond where you are now

  ➝ single sessions not available 

What People Are Saying:

I have already seen some significant progress and healing in just three weeks, and this method is definitely the friendliest, most gentle, most effective one I have used. And this is comparing against years of professional hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy, trauma therapy, medications, energy work, EMDR, dream journaling, and other forms of meditative healing I have tried. Those have all helped, and I do appreciate them all. But I have experienced healing that I didn't think I EVER would!


The work I have done with you Sophie has truly changed my life. I react differently to people. I have confidence that I haven’t had in years. I’m excited about life again! Thank you for creating a space for us to heal Sophie. Thank you for putting so much love and attention into your content. I’m eternally grateful for this rewarding experience.


I feel like a completely different person, and have the tools to live the peaceful, joyful life I deserve. I know that when bumps come along the way in life, I can always return to peace by reminding myself of something Sophie taught me. Sophie’s wealth of wisdom, caring and passionate spirit changed my life. I would recommend AWAKEN to anyone. You only get one life and they can help to make it your best.