The Sacred Morning


Learn HOW to start your day with a fulfilling spiritual practice to unlock your self love and discover your own magnificence.

Everything changes when you have a Sacred Morning.

This 7 day journey helps you connect to Divinity, gives you a template for guided reflection, and energizes you with positive self-love. 




Having a sacred morning is the beginning to having a good day. 


The Sacred Morning will:

⫸ Help you hear the whispers of your soul through our Sacred Morning Routine Check in 

⫸ Give you a quick hit of instant guidance through our Self-Love Healing Meditations 

⫸ Help you create a daily affirmation to hold a higher vibration through your day

⫸ Invoke healing deep within you and unlock Self-Love

⫸ Connect you to your own supportive energies

⫸ Guide you into better spiritual alignment


Take the first step with me.


The Sacred Morning Routine walks you through a 30-40 minute intentional practice for 7 straight days, to lay the foundation for you to develop your very own Sacred Morning Routine and ignite your days with self-love and positivity.

Without a structure you can get lost in old repeating patterns. We remove those distractions for you and show you exactly HOW to start your day with an intentional Sacred practice.


What You Get

⫸ 7 Consecutive Days of Training (under 40 minutes per day)

⫸ Major Energy Shifts

⫸ Intentional Space Holding (to be in the present moment)

⫸ 3 Self-Love Activations 

⫸ Daily Check-in Process

⫸ Affirmation Building Template 

⫸ Flexibility to experience pre-recorded footage in your own time


Total value = $1,043


Join today for: $288

and enjoy a week full of sacred mornings!



What People Are Saying:

The Sacred Morning course really gave me A LOT of messages I needed this week to work through what is happening in my life. It was short enough to do each day yet PACKED with incredible insight and thought-provoking messages that I carried with me throughout the rest of each day. Sophie beautifully articulates the spiritual journey and what it really means to love yourself unconditionally and step into higher consciousness.


Wow! I loved taking this course!!! It did what it said it would do and allowed my heart to open more and heal. I am in touch with my inner being now and I feel closer to God than ever. This week has helped me embody self love and confidence, and I also had some pretty tremendous breakthroughs when it comes to acceptance of self and embracing my flaws. I encourage anyone who is short on time and big on healing to take this course. It will help you in ways you cannot imagine!!! I can finally walk through those doors God has been waiting for me to find. I am brave now, I am bold, and I know I am loved.


​This content is very HIGH QUALITY! The videos have very good information and guidance!!! For it being a course about "daily routine" I didn't expect such in-depth content regarding spiritual growth and self-care. I really appreciate the sacred morning template that this course demonstrates! It gave me a model to replicate in my personal routine and has inspired me to incorporate more reading into my sacred practice. The meditations are also powerful. It's great content for the price point!


$288.00 USD

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