Healer in Your Pocket

⫸ 1 week virtual healing intensive
⫸  Online private zoom collaborative assessment + deep healing session
⫸  Ongoing Voxer Audio Chat support for the whole week

⫸  Sounding board, healing tools, downloads and trainings sent to you in real time as we navigate your transformational week


Have questions about the process, text us: 561-404-1088  


What People Are Saying:

I’m still in awe of how much I connected to myself through this mentorship. I feel like I’m back home, I’m just in a different stance. I’ve had tough moments during this whole course, and I’ve had really amazing moments. I’ve let go of a lot of this control I had and I just have surrendered and I’m able to observe my life in a way that before would trigger me or I would judge and criticize, and now I just let it be. Going through all these tools, I’ve been able to just be and that’s an amazing feeling.


I totally recommend this mentorship, it is just an awesome journey to better understand yourself and how you can really just love yourself and love others and be the best version of yourself. It truly felt like every session and every week of the work we were doing was so meant for me to help evolve. It was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed in that moment to help me get to the next level and I’m so grateful to be on the journey of Sophie’s courses and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it.


The work I have done with you Sophie has truly changed my life. I react differently to people. I have confidence that I haven’t had in years. I’m excited about life again! Thank you for creating a space for us to heal Sophie. Thank you for putting so much love and attention into your content. I’m eternally grateful for this rewarding experience.


$2,500.00 USD