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Become a Spiritual Life Coach


We begin with our 8 Day Virtual Retreat that walks you through The 4 R's Method and shows you how to self heal. Then we move into our 19 week online classroom to guide you through Inner Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Visioning, and Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

What Others are Saying


This program is amazing! Sophie walks you through deep healing and introspection to heal yourself. Over the 5 months of being immersed in this course, I learned who I am, what I am here to do, and what my spiritual gifts are and how they can help others. I developed a relationship with myself and with that comes the trust of my own intuition.


I am forever changed. The mystery of inner healing is far more powerful than I had anticipated. I imagined struggle, resistance and a lot of pain. The most profound experience was actually healing and feeling this lightness that followed. It has taught me how powerful and connected to source I actually am.


Sophie you are a spectacular soul! Thank you for holding a space for me to love myself. I will forever feel so much love for you. You opened up my mind, my heart, my soul. You gave my faith when I had lost it. I look in the mirror these days proud of the woman I am! This confidence has given me the ability to step into my own spiritual career so I can help other women shine.